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Photo Credit: Post Street Archives


February 26, 1866
Belleville, Ontario

October 16, 1930
Midland, Michigan

Lived and Worked:
Midland, Michigan

Star Location:
113 N. Washington Sq.
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Inducted into the Michigan Walk of Fame on May 25, 2006, Chemical pioneer H.H. Dow developed new processes for extracting bromine, chlorine, calcium, magnesium and sodium compounds from Midland’s underground deposits of brine (salt water). During World War I, Dow’s company replaced Germany as a supplier of explosives, aspirin, magnesium and synthetic indigo. Dow continued to search for new products and processes; his final project was extracting bromine from sea water.

Dow was a hobby-inventor and is credited with inventing an egg incubator.  He created the companies logo after noticing employees making a diamond shaped cut into boxes to insert the Dow name card.

Herbert Dow literally put down roots in Midland. The orchards and gardens he planted around his home offered not only relaxation and an opportunity to research agricultural chemicals during his lifetime; they are now part of his legacy to the community.

Just prior to his death, Herbert H. Dow was awarded the Perkin Medal for Chemical Achievement.

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